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Why do you want a home inspection?
Your new home may have hidden defects and dangers not noticeable to the untrained eye.  

Living on the coast is a dream come true for many, but with the coast comes salt air and corrosion.
Additionally, this is the Mexican coast, where UCB (uniform building codes) used in the States are nonexistent.  
This is not to say that your new home was not built well, but older homes often have settling, deterioration and often a history of
unique "improvements" made by previous owners, which may now be obsolete or even hazardous.  

New homes as well often have defects.  Not unlike the States, contractors build numerous projects simultaneously, and often times
the workers fail to complete necessary items.  Unfortunately, the wide use of concrete block makes it difficult
to find potential hidden problems, but the inspector will note items to watch for in the future.

The existing owner or your agent may show you a home, but your home inspection introduces you to the crucial aspects and possible
costly problems before making the investment.         So before you buy….. Call the Inspection Guy!  

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