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The information on the website is believed to be accurate ,however; any prospective Buyer should
as always, perform due diligence and consider competent legal advice from a Mexican Attorney to confirm the
validity of any documents or statements before committing to any contract.
"Affordable and Realistic Real Estate Services for the 21st Century"

Why should your equity finance someone else’s new Mercedes,
expense account and glitzy office?

For what??  In all too many cases, a few snapshots you may not even see in local print ads?
For just a few hours work?

A few real estate professionals already recognize the fast growing shift in the real estate industry
to a consumer-centric sale.
Due to the Internet and the extensive amount of information available today, buyers and sellers are significantly more
educated than even 5 years ago. As services such as pre-qualification for mortgages have become more user-friendly,
consumers are taking a more serious look at what they are getting for their money when they list or buy their home.  The
Baja market is changing too. Consumers now have access to real Title Insurance, American bank financing and Escrow
Services in ways not readily available just a short time ago.

Sellers recognize that services such as the Internet, in the 21st Century, can have a huge impact on the marketing of their
home. The exposure goes far beyond local paper advertising. They also recognize that there are services they are
actually qualified for and prepared to handle, such as open houses and showing their own home. They also recognize that
though they could sell their own home, there are a tremendous amount of legal repercussions if they do not perform their
contracts correctly, especially in a foreign country. Buyers on the other hand are using the Internet to do the leg-work for
them. They are viewing property details, MLS listings and Virtual Reality Toursof the home and reviewing maps for
locations. They are even going out and viewing the home and its location before even contacting a realtor. Sellers and
buyers now recognize the specific need for assistance on specific tasks related to the sale or purchase of a home and
many are seeking real estate professionals who embrace the concept of fair
fee-for-service to help them with these
This exactly what offers.  
We assist sellers in marketing their property in an efficient and cost-effective  manner, with local print, portable multi-
media, as well as the power of interactive website presentation,  giving buyers the information they need to proceed with
both viewing and making an offer on a property with confidence. We provide the facts necessary for giving comfort to a
prospective buyer, typically from Canada or the USA, and increasingly from the influx of Europeans and Asians as well.
The property is one thing, the legalities to transfer it and give the buyer the assurance necessary to proceed quite
another.  At, we address these concerns for you the seller, with confidence the buyer will sense
We work with full disclosure, as you will notice in our website.  No tricks, no “Come-and-See-Us” and we will give you tips
on the rules and the area. Instead we just provide the facts, and the realities, and the answers to questions most often
asked. The team is dedicated to providing the most complete source of accurate information possible to
both buyers and sellers alike.

We welcome your suggestions at any time.

We want an educated buyer to be the prospect you need to sell your home.  
Together we find that buyer, and give him/her the info needed to proceed with confidence
without any smoke and mirrors act.
We can deliver that buyer directly to YOU, the seller, without high commissions or an "Exclusive
Listing" contract.

 We prefer to do the marketing with you, not for you, using proven marketing programs
 We can deliver prospective buyers directly to you, or arrange the help you want at a fair fixed fee
 You do your own open house, or we can arrange to have that done professionally as well
 Our Professional Co-op Marketing works hard for you, leaving you free for other things
 Sellers can log in to view their listings, or pass that information on to any prospect, anytime.
 Prospective buyers are all put in contact with you, the seller, directly, and you decide how to proceed.  Should you wish
professional assistance with any of the transactions or negotiations, we can arrange that as well, for a more reasonable fee
than an exclusive 6% commission.  
 Listings are all displayed on the web for maximum global exposure.
 At, we provide you with opportunities to participate in part or in full with the selling of your own home, and
retain more of the equity you have earned, or pass a portion along to the buyer, making your property more financially
appealing to your prospect.

Instead of charging a percentage commission for a transaction, we offer a menu of services to sellers and buyers alike
– we let you pick the items that suit your needs. We invite you to participate in the process of selling your home.
And to the extent you choose, you can reap substantial savings by doing some or most of the work yourself.
What kind of work? Showing your own home, perhaps. Conducting your own open house.
Running your own advertising budget,
distributing your own flyers. You choose some, all, or none of that.   
We believe (we have listened???) many sellers would willingly  undertake many of these chores in order to control their
own transaction and save substantial money.
If not, why would we see so many "For Sale by Owner" signs?  
The problem is, a lot of those are so old and faded, the magic marker phone number on the hardware store
sign cannot even be read anymore.
Of course, some sellers prefer full service and are willing to pay a lot for it.
They may want us to advertise their property, to show it, to list it in  We can do that as well.  
We can even help you incentify many local realtors to bring you their clients as well.  In fact, we encourage it!  It is all up to
You remain in control of your property and the right to sell it.

All without asking you to commit to a typical,  one-sided 6% Exclusive Listing contract.
Or you may think that your realtor could use some help, Perhaps better global internet exposure,
maybe just better photos, signs, additional sales aids or even
web-interactive 3D tours of your
home. We do that too.
Its Only Baja.......but....