1.   How the seller and many agents see the home
2.   How the Buyer sees the home when making offer
3.   How the Lender sees the home
4.   How the Appraiser sees the home
5.   How the TAX ASSESSOR sees the home in America
6.   How the TAX ASSESSOR sees the home in

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Mexico in the News Again....Excellent Article!!
Sept. 11,  2007...."International Living Magazine"

1. Legalities to Know when Buying in Mexico

2. Baja Tips, Laws, and Visitor Assistance Guide

3. Rosarito Maps & Directions to office

4. Pros & Cons of Buying on Lease Land
(MLSbaja does not market lease land property, nor any other
which does not qualify for title insurance)

5. Please send me a summary of
Closing Costs and Procedures in Baja


As there is no reliable data-base of past sales readily availble to
everyone, this can be a real challenge to most buyers.

The photos at right may be tongue in cheek,
but also represent too much reality.

To answer this question, we are working on a simple guide for
buyer's to follow so they can make a reasonably accurate
assessment of the real market value of homes they may consider
buying.  If you would like to be added to a mailing list when this
work in progress is ready,
Please ask here
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