A. Showing Procedure    B. Advertising Guidelines and Assistance  C. Client Registration Policy
A. Procedure and Recommended Sequence for showing AQUA:

Preferably Nextel us 42*10324341*1  or 42*10324341*2 when you want to show AQUA and we will inform security of
your arrival.  Alternatively, call USA (760) 494 0650 or Rosarito (661) 100 2538.  If you have a day or more notice, you
can inform us by email as well.  

There is no need to provide your client's names, as client registration will be on arrival and showing.
If the above becomes difficult due to dead cell zones, etc, simply go to AQUA and the guard will Nextel us,
but this could result in a short delay.  Please call first if you can.

The AQUA showing procedure is intended to accomplish several things to assist in your sales presentation::
1. Display high level of security as guard does not leave post and watches all comings and goings.
2. Guard gets real ID, not just business cards from visitors which displays strict security measures.
3. Gives additional credibility/authority/autonomy to participating agents, as you will be given keys to model units.

Recommended Showing procedure:

Arrive at AQUA with clients, register ALL adults, call us, and get keys from security.

First show 604 (Furnished model) and 602  for those floor plans in tower closest to road
Next show the Penthouse immediately above 602 and 604
Next, elevator down to security desk, and to the elevator in the next tower
Next elevator up to 903 and then the 5 bed, 5 bath PH 1 and rooftop garden if desired.

Then down to 701 (Resale)

Last, down the elevator show the 2 lofts, 101 and 103 as well as gym, spa and pool area.

This covers the project nicely, and if there is interest in
any specific other unit, please call
Herb at MLS Baja for availability as some are also tenant occupied.  301 has the double
attached garage, 4 bed, 4 bath, 4,000 sq ft single level living and is available for $579,000.  We
need appointment to show this one to well qualified buyers only please.

B. Advertising Guidelines and Assistance

We want to assist you in your own marketing plans and have many ways to assist you,
easy as 1 2 3.

1.  The Developer's Website has been updated with all contact information removed so   you can safely link your
website or clients to it.

2.  A freestanding Virtual tour is available for you to either embed or link to in your own website

3.  Several postings to Point2 have been posted for all Point2 users using the handshake feature

If you would like further assistance, photos, or any other marketing materials,
please ask. Print brochures will be
available shortly in both languages.  Please ask permission before posting to your website so we avoid duplication or
confusion.  Anyone wishing to post to Point2 is requested to either use the handshake listings already posted, or if
they wish to post their own, for purposes such as featuring the listing,  must turn off the handshake on any they post.  
Thanks for your cooperation.

C. Client Registration Procedure and Policy to safeguard your interests:

We all know that many prospective buyers set multiple appointments with multiple agents both prior to visiting and
also when here to view properties in Baja.  

It is also common for the first agent they meet and work with to show them as much as possible to claim “first
rights”, especially in developer owned condo projects.

It is also common for a prospect, after having met several agents, to gravitate to one as their trusted agent of choice
for any of a number of reasons, which means a written offer can easily come from someone other than the agent
who first introduced a client to a property by either email or an on-site showing.

These are simple facts and there is little we can do to prevent the situation other than becoming the trusted agent of
choice with any client through service and appropriate follow-up and follow-through until the time a written offer is

In the long run, the agent who does the best job of listening to their client and servicing their specific needs is
generally the one who has earned the respect needed to represent a buyer in a transaction with a written offer.

At Aqua we want to protect the interests of all agents and brokers helping with the selling process and will use the
following procedure in the event there is ever a conflict with more than one agent or broker claiming commission

As all of the support material, print literature provided and website presence has intentionally been designed to
preclude any prospect contacting the developer or any other agent directly, registration of clients will be done at the
time of arrival for showing on site with the prospective buyer.  Security will register them and their ID only and no
personal contact information will be asked for.  We respect them as your client and will not contact them unless
asked to by the agent.  We are here to help on request and we also respect you as a professional who knows how to
maintain client loyalty and we wish you the best in closing a sale whether at Aqua or elsewhere.

In the case where one agent does the initial showing and registers the client with security, but the client makes a
decision to work with another agent who actually brings in the written offer, within 120 calendar days of the initial
showing, the agent actually presenting the written offer will be assumed to have done the majority of the work and
also earned the buyer’s trust and confidence.  In short, they have done the job.  Should any such situation arise, and
we hope it does not, the agent presenting the written offer will be given priority, earning 75% of the total commission
due and 25% of the total commission due will be deducted and given as a referral to the agent who initially brought
the prospect in for a personal viewing and in fact introduced the prospect to Aqua.

In the highly unlikely event of a dispute between agents for any reason, each agent may submit a written claim to the
developers within two (2) calendar weeks of the initial offer being written and the developers at their sole discretion
will determine how the commissions will be distributed.  It is strongly suggested you maintain a record of your
ongoing communications with your prospective buyers to support any claim.  An Email trail is best as it is dated and
time stamped.  Any agent filing a claim later than two (2) calendar weeks of a written offer will be assumed to have
not maintained professional contact and a positive relationship with the buyer.  The 120 calendar day rule may be
overturned in this case, also only at the developer’s sole discretion.

Good selling and we are here to assist in any way we can.  Simply ask.  Herb Kinsey,
Sales Director, Aqua Residencial
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