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No One Way is Best for Everyone to Sell their Home.  We offer Options to Suit Your Needs.
Why choose as to Help sell your property?

Very simply, COMPARE our marketing to all others before deciding....

From print in Local Publications to Print in International Glossy Table-top magazines, to the Best in Photography and
Baja's Original, and Only Virtual Tour Provider with several  Heavily Visited Websites

We invite Comparison, and DO NOT HESITATE to Spend what it takes to find Buyers for YOUR Property

For Free eBook written by the National Association of Home Inspectors in the USA, please
download here
Note: This free eBook is a great source of information to help
you maximize the return you deserve when selling your home,
whether you decide to go it alone, or choose the services of a
professional Real Estate Marketing Agency for maximum
exposure.  Well worth a read for any prospective home seller,
and absolutely free as well, courtesy of
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We Offer a number of Marketing Plans to suit your individual needs.

Please contact us for additional information before just "listing" your home or deciding to go it alone.

The term "listing" comes from just that in the USA....."Listing" a home on a multiple listing site to give it exposure to all
selling Realtors, and that simply has not existed in Baja until now, nor does it with most other agencies  today.

At MLSbaja, we do not just "list" your property,

Quite simply, other agencies generally do NOT make your property available to ALL interested agents,
but rather only their "select agents" whomever that might be?.

And we attend ALL showings too, for your security, no lock boxes with access to all.

MARKET  your property!   Ask us how and

Please compare our Local and International advertising with anyone.

Look in "Gringo Gazette, Baja Times,
Dream Homes Magazine, Distinctive Homes International Magazine"

Compare our website presentation and penetration with anyone

Visit our sister sites at and for samples of virtual tours

Our job is simply  "Find Buyers!" and we do that very well!

Thanks for considering as a partner in selling or buying your Baja dream home.
Scroll down to ask about our services and cost effective options for you, the Seller
All agents are authorized and recognized by the Mexican Federal Gov't to sell Real Property in Mexico
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without asking??          No Doscientos Pesos Mordida here,        Thanks
The information on the website is believed to be accurate, however; any prospective Buyer should as always, perform due
diligence and consider competent legal advice from a Mexican Attorney to confirm the validity of any documents or statements before
committing to any contract.
What Do Traditional Realtors Do for You?

Quite simply, there are basic steps involved in what a realtor may or may not do to market your home, and they have traditionally been sold as
a "bundle", for one all-inclusive, and often  VERY HIGH Percentage based COMMISSION, typically 6% for Homes and 10% for other properties.
Normally, equally split between the listing realtor you sign the contract with, and the one who actually  finds a buyer and sells it, which is the
only thing  you really care about and expect to pay the fee for!   We agree, and finding buyers, not just listing properties, is what we do best.  

This has been the common alternative to selling-by-owner, and it may still be an acceptable option for some sellers today, as there are some
progressive realtors out there who do a competent job, use good marketing methods and deliver acceptable results. They show-case your
property in their advertising,
not just their own name and will see this in most any newspaper.
Some do not even market through the internet, where more than 80% of all Buyers start their comparison shopping...and find their homes? return, of course, for VERY HIGH LISTING COMMISSIONS.  HOW DO THEY DO THIS?  EASY!!   Through the

What Signing This Document Means to You ..Legally & Your Alternatives to "The 6% EXCLUSIVE" Listing Contract

The best place to start, as with any contract, is likely by reading it carefully and understanding the terms thoroughly, as all such contracts are
not the same, and should never be looked upon as a document which cannot have clauses added or deleted.
Typically they are very specific as to what the responsibilities and obligations of the seller are, and equally vague about what the
specific obligations of the listing realtor or agent are.

How is Different?

Very simply, we do not encourage a 6% exclusive listing contract, preferring instead to get paidonly for what we do as your partner in selling
your home and saving you money.  We will define what our specific obligations to you are in the way of advertising, sales and
marketing budget and methods, using the available technology today.  You know what our fees are when agreeing to our marketing plan, as
well as what our responsibilities are.  We only get paid for the actual the work we do on your behalf. YOU decide how much assistance you
want.  Just ask us how, and we will offer a
choice of plans to best suit your individual needs.

How Can Work for You?

• Choose Only the Services You Need.      • Save Thousands, retain your equity, with
• List Your Property Internationally on the Web,in Local Print advertising, with Professional Signs, Handouts,and Professional Marketing tools,
Animations and Fully-Interactive 3D tours for the INTERNET or distribution as electronic flyers on CD-ROM of YOUR Property.

Your prospective buyer can be given to YOU specifically and directly, not someone with other properties to show & sell to your buyer instead.
You can retain the right to sell your own property, as well as respecting and honoring any realtor who brings you an offer,
which we also encourage for maximum results.

Already Listed Your Property and Want to Help Your Realtor in the Sale of your Home?

If you see something we are doing to assist our "For Sale by Owner" clients and would like to add that to your marketing efforts through your
own realtor of choice, we can provide many of our interactive and marketing plans for inclusion in other realtors efforts.  
Feel free to ask and one of our team will be in contact shortly.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a solicitation for any properties with a current "Exclusive Listing" Contract with any other realtor, and you should read your contract
carefully, if you have one, as
many will include a clause not allowing anyone, including the owner, to participate in any part of the sales and marketing process.

Please ask for more information, including sample clauses you may wish to consider in any contract, as well as how to protect your own
interests while being fair to the agent you select to assist in selling your property.   All listing contracts are simply negotiable suggestions.
                                                                    KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING!
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