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We Offer a number of Marketing Plans to suit your individual needs.
We understand no two sellers or buyers will have the same needs, nor desires to participate
at the same level of involvement in selling their property.  
Some are ex-realtors from other areas, others have experience at selling their own home.  
We have done both ourselves, and saved money.
We have still used other services in conducting the sale, from flyers to advertising, signage,
the all-important internet exposure with GOOD photos, Virtual Tours,
and help with the legal, escrow and closing paperwork processing unique to Mexico.  
These and more are where can be of service to you, providing one-stop shopping
for all your needs.
We are flexible to your needs.
Please contact us for additional information before listing your home or deciding to go it alone.

Thanks for considering as a partner  in selling or buying your Baja dream home.

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No One way is Best for Everyone to Sell their Home.   We offer Cost-Effective Options.  
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